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Business and Contract Law

My office represents over 50 small businesses and contractors, providing to them services ranging from initial formation and filing of their business entity or fictitious name, to preparation of their contracts and advice regarding efficient legal operation of each business. Understanding a specific client’s business and manner of operation allows me to provide them tailored legal advice and documentation which promotes both efficiency in operation and prevents unnecessary legal obstacles from arising during their operation. I have learned that most of my clients simply want the ability to operate without the complexity of the contracts and documentation often required by law. My job is to assist them in explaining those documents and formulating a business model that helps each client to meet that goal!

Land Development

As Solicitor in several municipalities and based upon experience in representing several large land developers in Pennsylvania, I serve as a useful resource for legal issues involving local municipal zoning, subdivision and land development issues. Unfortunately, in this age, the expertise of a legal professional is usually required in order to navigate the potential pitfalls and obtain an understanding of local municipal ordinances and procedures. I am also able to handle municipal disputes through the judicial appeals process, if necessary.

Real Estate

I routinely handle various transactions involving simple undeveloped land transfers to sale and refinance of multi-million dollar shopping centers. My ability to prepare simple documents, such as Agreements of Sale, Seller’s Disclosure Statements, Leases and Deeds is further complimented by the services offered for the more complex issues such as subdivision, land development, tax assessment appeals and property disputes. Standard services offered in real estate transactions include attending settlement and providing title insurance for both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

Trusts and Estates

As an experienced prior Supervising Clinical Attorney for the Penn State Dickinson School of Law Elder Law and Consumer Protection Clinic, I continually remain aware of the changes in Pennsylvania law which affect the well being of my clients’ future interests in both estate and medical care decisions. The ability to discuss the specific needs and considerations for each client’s estate planning documents and medical directives results in quality documents custom created to fit the needs of each individual or family. Moreover, I do my best to provide updates to existing clients of the changes in Pennsylvania law which may affect the documents that I had previously created for them regarding their gifts, bequests, tax implications or public assistance (Medicare, Medicaid, disability) applications.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

The goal and intent of my experience is to assist you in finding resolutions that are not only cost-effective but are, likewise, specifically tailored to individual's needs, financial abilities and values.In striving to provide the best services, I have obtained certification from the Lancaster Mediation Center to conduct mediation and conflict resolution sessions. The purpose of this service is to allow those having a conflict to avoid the unnecessary cost of litigation in an attempt to assist in seeking and building a structural framework to an agreed-upon resolution which is not only cost-effective for all parties involved, but also more-likely to be carried out since the parties, themselves, created the material terms necessary to resolve their conflict. My experience is that, when applicable and useful, this resolution strategy provides great satisfaction to both parties, as well as provides substantial financial savings.